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shock Eclipse recrutment is closed/highly reduced. Click to read more. study The forums are going through major updating - some things might be outdated.

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 Recruitment is CLOSED (or highly reduced) - IMPORTANT

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PostSubject: Recruitment is CLOSED (or highly reduced) - IMPORTANT   Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:44 am


As from now on the legion Eclipse is NOT recruiting!

We will no longer be accepting public applications unless there are some very specific circumstances.
We have grown to a considerable number and have way too many active people daily for us to handle. It has come to a point where a bunch will be always be left out from instances since we can't take everyone or we don't have enough people/required classes/leaders to make 3 kata runs or 2 steel wall bastions.

Therefore we won't accept applications from people that are stranger to the legion or don't have a friend inside recommending them. We understand this will be disappointing to people applying since they know we do stuff they want to do, but we don't want to be an legion that accepts everyone only to ignore them after. We need to look after those we already have and that is already a load of work.

People that were kicked from our legion for inactivity and are interested in coming back just need to pm one of our leaders to be re-invited.
New people will not be invited unless:
1st - a friend inside the legion asked to invite you (a friend, not someone you just met 5 mins ago)
2nd - you actively use Teamspeak. You won't get invited to legion runs without it, no matter how good you say you are.

This might be subject to changes depending on how things go, but for now it stays like this.

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Recruitment is CLOSED (or highly reduced) - IMPORTANT
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