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shock Eclipse recrutment is closed/highly reduced. Click to read more. study The forums are going through major updating - some things might be outdated.

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 Join Eclipse tyx

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PostSubject: Join Eclipse tyx   Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:59 am

* Nickname -Melie
* Your Class -Ranger
* Your Level -57
* Are you able to use legion forums -yes
* Are you able to use Teamspeak -yes
* Would you like to participate in instance/dungeon runs -yes
* Are you PVE or PVP oriented or both -both
* Where you are from (which timezone are you in) –Romania
* How old you are -21
* Male/Female/Other -Male
* How much you usually play –5 hour
* How good is your english –Medium
* Your previous legions –HellJumpers
* Why you left your previous legions –No activitis
* Have you played retail before? Or an Aion private server -No only on this server whit glad 65 Chronios
* If yes on which one and what was your name there -X
* Where/From whom did you got info about our legion's forum (state the name) –A frend and game
* Why do you think Eclipse should invite you as a member and how can you contribute to the legion's progress? - l'll give my best
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PostSubject: Re: Join Eclipse tyx   Mon Feb 24, 2014 4:12 am

Your application is accepted, welcome to eclipse!
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PostSubject: Re: Join Eclipse tyx   Tue Dec 02, 2014 12:01 am

Hey guys. Maybe some of you remember me and some of you might not. I was a gladi nicked Soulfinder who used to be a member of this legion.
The issue is this .. last month i got a mail from gameforce saying i got banned for 3'rd party programs after almoust 1 year of not playing this game. So my acc is banned right now, i tryd talking to them but no use, so my acc is gone.
My request is this : If u have a gladi/templar or you know someone who quit or wants to quit send me or ask them to send me there acc detail because i would like to start playing again. Now some of u might not know me and you might ask ur self why should i give this guy my acc.. i don't know him but some of you do know me and when i say that i will not change the password on that acc or sell anything from it .. in fact i will work to make it better and stronger , you know that i'm a man of my word.
So.. if anyone wants plans on quiting or know's some1 who does wanna quit don't let that acc go to waist and pass it to me. My skype id is : id_replay20 .
Thank you. have a good day
And sorry for posting here but it won't let me start a new topic :/
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PostSubject: Re: Join Eclipse tyx   

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Join Eclipse tyx
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