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shock Eclipse recrutment is closed/highly reduced. Click to read more. study The forums are going through major updating - some things might be outdated.

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 SinfulRose - - - ACCEPTED

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PostSubject: SinfulRose - - - ACCEPTED   Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:06 am

* Nickname -
* Your Class -Chanter
* Your Level - 60
* Are you able to use legion forums -yes
* Would you like participate in instance/dungeon runs -yes
* Are you PVE or PVP oriented or both -both(except when im being zerged by a xform group and they spam fears o.o)
* Where you are from (which timezone are you in) –romania( gtm+2 i think...time zones are kinda confusing for me  xD)
* How old you are -28
* Male/Female/Other - female ( i really dont want to know what other might be o.O shock  )
* How much you usually play – hard to tell atm because of work program, but i log in every day
* How good is your english –hmmmm decent i think
* Your previous legions – giggity
* Why you left your previous legions – wanted more from game
* Have you played retail before? Or an Aion private server - 3 private servers including IA
* If yes on which one and what was your name there - IA pride same name
* Where/From whom did you got info about our legion's forum (state the name) –Pearl
* Why do you think Eclipse should invite you as a member and how can you contribute to the legion's progress? - Im the type of person that does what ever it can whenever its needed.
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PostSubject: Re: SinfulRose - - - ACCEPTED   Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:54 am

Welcome to the legion daeva! akakakkaka!
You can now access to the rest of the forums.
Please read the Legion rules if you haven't, and remember to be polite to legion members. Hope you enjoy it here ^^

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SinfulRose - - - ACCEPTED
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